Things To Fall For

1.) This statement choker is a lazy girls dream. So easy to throw on with a simple tee or collared shirt, it gives the allusion that you put a lot of thought in to your outfit…without actually doing just that! (Sneaky,sneaky)

2.) Oversized sweaters are a trend that, I am hopeful to say, will most likely never go out of style when it comes to cooler months. Quick to pair with simple pieces, throw on a pair of leggings and boots and BAM. Insta chic.

3.) Ah leather and leggings, my two favorite “L” words. You can never go wrong when it comes to these two. I am proud to admit that I rock one of these usually every other day. My favorite leggings or “jeggings” are these from American Eagle. And if you’re looking for a sweet pair of leather look-a-like leggings (because who wants to drop serious cash on the real thing?) these from TopShop fit like a dream.

4.) A leather jacket during the colder months is a muuuuuust have, and biker jackets add a cool, edgy touch to every outfit while still being a heavy coat to keep you warm.

5.) Ankle booties are my first true love..hands down. The number of ankle booties I have in my closet is too embarrassing to count, but come on! They’re comfy and chic and everything you could ever want in a shoe. Heeled or not, every girl needs a pair of these in her closet.

6.) Kylie Jenner is the queen of this trend, now with “Hang Up” lipstick from M.A.C you can be too! Dark lips are a fall/winter must have that can turn any makeup look from sweet to sultry.

7.) Cara Delevigne is famous for them and with this eyebrow pencil from Anastasia you too can achieve bold “look at me” brows. I love love love love this trend. Eyebrows are really an essential part of your everyday routine because they really frame your face and bring all of your features together!

8.) And last but not least, candles. Candles are easily one of the BEST parts of the colder months because BABW release all of their seasonal scents that you can’t simply live without. I love relaxing in my room, watching movies and having a “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” candle burning in the background. There’s nothing quite like it! For every heavenly scent imaginable, check out Bath And Body Works.

So now that i’ve listed off a few of my favorite fall must haves, what can’t you live without during fall? Let me know!

xx Taylr